About PR

We are improving the supply chain by diversifying the sourcing and production across Far East. Our vision is to make the life better for brand owners and retailers.

Responsive & Communicate

We could communicate via email, phone call and face-to-face which is convenient to our customers.


The design process translates ideas into products that meet the needs of the demanding consumers.

Sourcing & Production

Find the right materials and factories to share our commitment to quality, compliance and sustainability.

Quality Control

Quality engineers and quality assurance teams work with factories and sub-suppliers to ensure products meet the requirements.


Logistics solutions start when the product leaves the factory until it reaches your warehouse.

PR started out as a new & trending products publishing community. We visited different exhibitions throughout China, got to know the suppliers and their new products. Throughout the years, we have grown into different businesses. We have different backgrounds and experiences but we share many things in common: a commitment to deliver the product at the right time and right place with the required quality. Other than that, we welcome existing and new clients to audit the factories.


Storage baskets weave by local communities and then process directly in the factories.

Candles and Diffusers

Producing different types of glass candles and jar candles as well as reeds diffusers in our China factory (Laixi Town of Qingdao) and Vietnam factory (Tin Bình Dương, the north of Ho Chi Minh city)

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